Source Navigator for Verilog

Finally, a development environment for Verilog!

Most engineers doing design and verification with Verilog are using either vi or emacs to edit files. vi is,'s vi. emacs has great potential to be customized and is a very powerful editor, but most engineers use only the most basic features and have no time to learn how to do more. They struggle with large projects containing many files scattered in complex directory structures.

Source Navigator for Verilog is full featured tool for editing and navigating through large projects with many verilog files. It parses verilog code into a database that can be used to navigate files, trace connectivity, and find modules and signals in the design. It can even parse your files as you edit so you don't launch those long compile scripts only to end up with a syntax error after 5 minutes of compiling.

Source Navigator was developed by Cygnus Software as a commercial IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for software engineers and was later released under the GPL by Red Hat. Source Navigator supports many languages including C, C++, Tcl, Java, Fortran, and COBOL. There are so many similar products for software engineers, but almost nothing available for hardware engineers using languages such as Verilog. By adding a verilog parser to Source Navigator hardware engineers can now enjoy the same high quality software.


There have been over 2000 downloads of Source Navigator for Verilog! The tool is being used on real projects. Please send feedback about your use of Source Navigator for Verilog and requests for enhancements! Since the GUI is TCL/Tk there are many enhancements that are possible. Your ideas are critical to improving the software. Send e-mail to

Latest News

10/27/02 The latest version is now available for download. A new Verilog menu has been added to allow links to other tools for verilog lint, compile, simulate, and waveform display. Source Navigator has been updated to the latest 5.1.1 version.