About OpenSourceEDA


Our Mission


OpenSourceEDA utilizes open source software to solve EDA problems.


Over the past 10 years more and more software has become available under some form of an open source license. Engineers appreciate the benefits of the open source model, especially the flexibility it brings.  With open source software you can just use it, there is no hassle or delay to get a manager to approve the purchase of the software.


The goal of OpenSourceEDA is to find the most useful pieces of open source software and utilize them to solve EDA problems. Projects like Source Navigator that can be adapted for use by hardware and verification engineers are ideal. This application retargeting provides a high-quality product with many man-years of development behind it. 


Experience has shown that while most engineers enjoy using open source software, not many read the source code or try to make meaningful modifications to the software.  Having good software is more important than trying to dig into the source code and develop the solution on your own. This point is easily understood by watching the mailing list of any open source project, there are always many people asking for new features, and very few people digging into the code and implementing them.


OpenSourceEDA is continually searching to find useful applications for EDA and working to customize them for you. Please contact us with any ideas you might have about your favorite open source tools or projects you think can be useful to us.


Contact Information


The best way to contact us is by e-mail at info@opensourceeda.org